Our Legacy

A message to all our old and new friends from the owner regarding the history of Imagine and our legacy -

When we opened our little shop in the fall of 1979, we had high hopes but really didn't know what kind of reception we could expect. We wanted the store to reflect the philosophy John Lennon expressed in his anthem of peace and harmony, "Imagine."

Our goal for Imagine was for it to re-capture the music, art, politics, humor, and lifestyle of the 60s we grew up in back in New York City. We wanted the store to have an unmistakable atmosphere which would impact our customers from the moment they entered our shop. We transplanted ourselves in the beautiful New England seaport town of Mystic, CT, known for its rustic charm, great restaurants, fun shopping and a steady influx of summer tourists from, literally, everywhere.

It didn't take long for us to realize that we were tapping into a strong need that was also shared by all our local customers for offbeat gifts, gags, unique T-shirts, rare CDs and DVDs, posters, tie-dyes, incense, unusual jewelry and ethnic clothing.

Who would believe nearly 30 years later, at the urging of many local and long-distance customers, 2-middle aged hippies from the sixties would be exploring the Internet with a website for Imagine? Like our shop, our website has started out small, so that in filling your orders and responding to your requests, we can insure the customer service we are known for.

As the site continues to grow, our number one goal will be to continually fulfill the needs and desires of our loyal customers, as well as those of you who have not yet made the trip to Mystic.

We are deeply grateful for all the support, inspiration and friendship we have received from you over the years. We promise to work hard to keep the site interesting, entertaining and filled with the personal touch that has made Imagine successful.

Please take a look at our site for a small sampling of items which are immediately available to you, and which are representative of what we are all about.

Karen and Richard Douglas, Owners, Imagine
"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."